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Philosophy & Approach

I bring a blend of experience, expertise and connection. Having worked with individuals with a varying range of needs, I have fine-tuned my services over the years to provide targeted techniques to resolve the pain you're in. All treatment is done within the context of a trauma informed, relational, and experiential lens.

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Trauma Informed 

Trauma-Informed Care is not about specific therapeutic techniques—it is an overall approach, a philosophy of providing care that aims to create safety & prevent re-victimization. My practice is based on the understanding that many clients have suffered overwhelming, traumatic, or adverse childhood experiences regardless of whether they are coming to therapy specifically due to these experience. Research indicates there is a strong relationship between these experiences and substance use disorders, emotional problems, and behavioral problems. That's why it's vital our work takes these events into consideration. 

With compassion and care, I approach every session from a trauma informed lens. Instead of asking, "What is wrong with you?" I explore, "What have you experienced in your life and how might the present symptoms be a response to it?" Our therapeutic relationship will emphasize safety (both emotional and physical), transparency, trustworthiness, choice, collaboration, and empowerment

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I believe human beings are wired for social connection. We all need others to celebrate our victories and hold us through the tragedies. People who have meaningful relationships with others report higher satisfaction with life than those who don’t. Researchers have found that aloneness in the face of overwhelming emotion brings about emotional suffering and can result in the dysfunctional coping skills that usually bring clients to therapy.

As an AEDP trained therapist, I believe healing happens when we undo aloneness. Together, previously feared overwhelming emotions can be processed and transformed. Together, we will co-create a safe and secure relationship that can be used as a model for building relationships outside of the therapy room. I will work effortlessly to be attuned to you & intentionally repair when there’s disruption. I truly believe my clients can learn to face any difficulty so long as they are not alone.

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Philosophy & Approach: About Me
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I not only want you to KNOW how you feel, but FEEL how you feel. 

Putting experiences and feelings into words is a critical part of the healing process. However, for many people and especially survivors of overwhelming experiences, talk therapy alone is not enough. Insight is important, but since pain is stored in the body (The Body Keeps the Score), healing has to also be experienced in the body. 

The best way to feel empowered to heal is “to have experiences in the body that contradict those of the overwhelming ones” (Levine)

I will gently guide you to develop increasing tolerance for body sensations and suppressed emotions in your body. Instead of only asking, "Why do you feel angry?" I will ask, "Where do you feel this anger in your body and can we slow way down so you can stay with what is happening inside?" 

Philosophy & Approach: About Me
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