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Individual Therapy

Although I work with a range of issues, I specialize in trauma, anxiety, and depression. I am passionate about working with clients who feel stuck even after years of therapy. With curiosity & compassion, we'll work together to: 

  • find relief & get your needs met

  • process difficult emotions & overwhelming events

  • reframe your perspective

  • develop your strengths

  • learn tools to eliminate symptoms  

  • explore the parts of you that feel conflicted & integrate them

  • shed false negative beliefs about yourself

  • implement boundaries

  • regain hope & trust

  • reconnect with yourself and the world again 

There is tremendous value in sharing your story and feeling seen, heard, and accepted.

If you're motivated for change & ready to feel relief, schedule an intake below.

Individual Therapy: Services

Trauma, Depression and Anxiety

Do you identify with any of the statements below?

Grass and Flowers
Dandelion Meadow
Misty Staircase

I don't TRUST anyone
I don't feel SAFE anywhere
I've carried this SHAME all of my life
Thinking about this feels OVERWHELMING
I don't REMEMBER parts of my life
I BLOCKED the memory for years and now it's resurfacing in my relationships


I've lost INTEREST and MOTIVATION in activities I used to enjoy
My APPETITE has changed
I have a hard time getting out of bed
My MOOD is up and down
My heart feels HEAVY & I'm on the verge of TEARS


I WORRY about everything
I PANIC in crowds and social situations
My mind is always RACING
I can't SLEEP at night
I feel NERVOUS all the time
I can't seem to REMEMBER things

Individual Therapy: Services
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